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Shipping Your Household Goods to Indonesia

Practical Information for foreigners, expats and expatriates moving to Indonesia - find out about housing, schooling, transport, shopping and more to prepare you for your stay in Indonesia

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expatriate information for Indonesia

The following documents are required by Indonesian Customs to clear shipments into Indonesia:

For Foreigners Moving to Indonesia:

  • Original IMTA (work permit), with minimum validity of 12 months, or
  • Copy of ITAS online (Residency Permit Electronic Certificate)
  • Original passport with arrival and residency validation stamps
  • Copy of Boarding Pass entering Indonesia to reside
  • Original Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Original Packing List

For Diplomatic/Semi Diplomatic visa holders moving to Indonesia:

  • Diplomatic Exemption Letter - PP8 for Full Diplomatic; or PP19 for Semi Diplomatic (UN, UNICEF, WHO, etc.)
  • Copy of passport (endorsed by the Embassy)
  • Copy of ID cards (consignee and undersigned Authorisation letters, endorsed by the Embassy)
  • Copy of Diplomatic Visa (endorsed by the Embassy)
  • Reference letter from the Embassy stating solely employed by the Embassy (signed by a Diplomatic Executive from the same office)
  • Copy of Diplomatic Note confirming the Diplomatic Executive’s current diplomatic status and position
  • Original Bill of Lading (OBL) / Air Waybill (AWB)
  • Original Packing List (endorsed by the Embassy)

Note: PP8/PP19 must be applied by the Embassy/Organisation in Jakarta to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia (for Diplomatic); to the Ministry of Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesian (for Semi Diplomatic).

For Indonesia Citizens Returning to Indonesia after living abroad:

  • Original Letter of Reference (Surat Keterangan Pindah) from the origin Indonesian Embassy; ONE original letter for ONE shipment; or
  • Original Packing List - endorsed by local Indonesian Embassy
  • Original Passport
  • Copy of Boarding Pass entering Indonesia to reside
  • Original Bill of Lading (OBL) / Air Waybill (AWB)

In order to obtain DUTY-FREE importation of household goods shipment and in addition to having completed detailed as above, the following regulations MUST also be observed;

  • Expatriates - must submit both Residency and Working permits with validity of one full year (twelve months). Make sure that the Residency permit is completed within fourteen (14) days after arrival to reside.
  • Returning Indonesians - must have been out of Indonesia for at least one year with gainful full employment/ education, and must provide an employment letter from employer overseas or university/school letter and final education certificate
  • Only ONE air shipment and ONE sea shipment are allowed per family (Air shipment must arrive first before the Sea Shipment) and must arrived within 3 months from the arrival date in Indonesia (per Immigration Admission Stamp in passport). Duties and taxes will apply to additional shipments and/or arrive after the 3-month period.
  • All items should have been used for at least 12 months. All new items/prohibited items found by customs will incur duty charges

Customs Clearance

All shipments undergo Physical Inspection by the Customs at the air terminal / Sea port.

The average time for clearance after arrival:

  • Air Shipments 5-8 working days
  • Sea Shipments 10-12 working days for FCL (Full Container Load)
    12-15 working days for LCL (Less Container Load)

Note: Working days are Monday to Friday only.

AUTOMOBILES (Incl. Cars, Motorbikes, Motorized Buggy/ATV) - Only allowed for certain levels of diplomats. It is prohibited for all non- diplomats.

EXPLOSIVES, ARMS AND AMMUNITION - These items are strictly prohibited. Air rifles are also considered as arms, so they are also prohibited from being imported.

FOOD ITEMS - Non-perishable food items may be imported in small amounts. Items in cans and other durable packaging in reasonable amounts are allowed for import.

ELECTRONICS - All electronics must have had at least one-year-old of usage. Any new items will be subject to duties. Generally, only one of each major appliance (refrigerator, stove, big flat TV) and reasonable quantities of electronic devices are allowed in duty free.

CD’s, DVD’s, VCD’s, Video/Audio Tapes - These items can be imported in ‘reasonable’ quantities providing they are not new, pornographic or politically sensitive.

STATUES - Although these items are not considered as prohibited items, but they are considered as very sensitive items (due to recent smuggling cases). Customs will hold and take them to Indonesian Directorate of History and Archaeology to be examined. This process can last for 4 - 9 months until a decision is made that the statues are not antiquities. Any supporting documentation e.g. certificates from origin customs, will assist to expedite the clearance process.

DRUGS AND MEDICINE - These items are not allowed to be imported in Household Goods shipments without a permit from BPOM. There is also a fee required to submit to BPOM. It is recommended to hand carry everyday medicines and only bring normal household quantities.

WINE & LIQUOR & TOBACCO - Importing alcohol (wine, spirits & beer) and tobacco is strictly prohibited. Import of alcohol is allowed for diplomats but limited to annual quota agreed by the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the respective embassies in the country.

PETS - Santa Fe can arrange for import licenses for Pets coming from Rabies free countries only. There is no limit on how many pets you can import. However, duty charges per pet will apply. Santa Fe can provide details of expected duties on request. Please always check with us whenever you receive a requirement for pets’ shipment to Indonesia.

Download a copy of this Custom Clearance Guidance information (PDF)

IMPORTANT: If supporting document cannot be provided (only passport is available), then the shipment will not be allowed through Customs, and will need to be re-exported or will be sold or destroyed by Customs.

This information is intended for general guidance and correct at the time of printing. We cannot however take responsibility for any errors, omissions or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use.

Thank you to Doug Slusher, Managing Director of Santa Fe Relocation Services - Indonesia for the provision of this article!

Last updated June 12, 2017

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Practical Information for foreigners, expats and expatriates moving to Indonesia - find out about housing, schooling, transport, shopping and more to prepare you for your stay in Indonesia

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