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expatriate information for Indonesia

Once newly-arrived expats are settled into their new home, office and school - they start looking for things to do in their free time. There are a wealth of opportunities in Jakarta to learn a new skill, develop a hobby or explore new possibilities through taking a course or lesson. Check 'em out :)

Language Courses and Schools |  Private Tutors
International Test Preparation
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Music Courses for Expatriates
Other Courses for Expatriates |  Courses for Household Staff

Language schools in Jakarta

Language Courses and Schools

Bahasa Indonesia at IALF - Learn the Indonesian national language in Jakarta, Surabaya or Bali. Facebook page

Portuguese Courses at Embassy of Portugal - Jakarta Jl. Indramayu No. 2A, Menteng - Basic and Intermediate Portugese classes. Classes are held two times a week (week days) 3:00pm-4.30pm / 5.30pm-7:00pm. Contact for more information.

Learn English at IALF - Do you want to improve your English while you're living in Indonesia? Look no further than the professional programs at the Indonesia Australia Language Foundation - with schools in Jakarta, Bali and Surabya. Facebook page

See information on other Language Courses in the Shops and Services directory

finding a private tutor in jakarta

Private Tutors in Indonesia

There are a number of companies which can arrange private tutors to come to your home to assist your children with difficult subjects in school such as math, science, and foreign languages. Many expatriate families who are abroad for the first time will find that their children experience difficulties studying these subjects in what may be a foreign language (to them) at their international school.

The practice of having tutors come to your home is common amongst middle and upper class Indonesians. They may have several "guru les" who come to their house several times a week to assist children in completing all their homework or just with specific subjects.

Homework assistance can also be given in groups or at the private tutoring company's office/school location. Read this additional information on How to find good Private Tutors for your Children in Indonesia.

private tutors - math, language, economics

Nostrum Tutoring Centre - No.1 Jakarta Tutoring ServiceNostrum Tutoring Centre - No.1 Jakarta Tutoring Service
Tel. 0812-87857049 (Miss Josephine)
Facebook page Twitter pages

Nostrum Tutoring Centre provides the best tutors from the leading universities in Indonesia. Our tutors will come to your home and adjust the tutoring sessions with your schedule. Our students go to both international schools and national schools. We are used to assisting our students based on their school’s curriculum, including: IB Primary Year, IB Middle Year, IGCSE, IB Diploma, and more. Not only that, we also provide eligible tutors for language learning to assist students who have the passion in learn another language.

Private tutoring services in Jakarta

Jakarta Tutors
Jakarta Tutors - Private Tutors in JakartaTel. 0811-119405

At Jakarta Tutors, we have provided private tutors for international school students since 2000. Our students range from primary to high school levels. The most common subjects that tutors are requested for are: mathematics, science (physics,bbiology, chemistry), and economics. Also in high demand is language tutoring for such languages as English, French, Mandarin, Bahasa Indoensia, etc.

We can come to your home for tutoring and can schedule the time according to the student's schedule and convenience. Our tutors understand and have experience with the Cambridge Program, IGCSE, MYP, as awell as IB HL /SL requirements. Our Jakarta
tutors are young, have a pleasant personality, love to work with children and students, and speak English fluently. Tuition fees are competitive and reasonable. If you need more info, please contact our administrator, Ms. Yasmin at 0811-119405.


preparing for international tests

IELTS at IALFInternational Test Preparation

IELTS Preparation classes - IELTS Orientation and IELTS Preparation classes are held at IALF Centers in Jakarta, Bali and Surabaya, as well as in their testing centers in Dili (Timor Leste), Jayapura, Kupang, Malang, Makassar, Medan, Pare, and Yogyakarta. Facebook page


learn to teach english in Indonesia

Professional & Vocational Courses

Learn to Teach English in Indonesia - There is always a demand for English teachers in Indonesia and all over the world. With an internationally recognized teaching qualification, you can seek employment almost anywhere and enjoy interacting with the locals that you teach. IALF Bali is an approved centre for the delivery of the Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), and courses are run up to 4 times a year.  For more information on becoming a qualified English teacher and the teacher training course at IALF Bali, please check out the TESOL Bali website or email us at Facebook page

shops amusic lessons in Jakarta

Music Courses for Expatriates

Ensiklomusika Music SchoolEnsiklomusika Music School
Ensiklomusika Music School - Kemang Branch
Jl. Kemang Selatan Raya No. 99 (Piccadilly Suite)
South Jakarta
Tel. 0878-0888-1619
Facebook page Twitter pages Instagram icon

Ensiklomusika Music School specialises in music education for early childhood. Highlighted programs are:

Toddler Group Music Class

Toddler group music class is designed for children between 15 months to 4 years old, to give toddlers the best experience and stimulation of music and its elements as a strong foundation in music and dance, and also to encourage children to seek, love and create beauty in life. Lessons are presented via activities that are exciting for them, such as dancing, singing, story telling with story books and plush toys, playing various instruments as "petting zoo", and even creating visual art. Children's imaginations will be stimulated which is vital for their growth. One parent (or caretaker) is required to attend together with the toddler and actively follow the class.

Little Mozart Piano Program

Little Mozart Program is a designed especially for children aged 4 to 6 years old and focused on piano as its main instruments. Lessons are presented in child-friendly activities, such as story telling, tracing, colouring, and playing music. This program can be done individually for optimal result, or in group.

Piano, Violin, Vocal and Guitar Individual Lessons

Integrated with ABRSM Examination board from the UK, Ensiklomusika provides piano, violin, vocal and guitar one on one lessons that follow international standard. These lessons can be done at our studios and at your home.

Suzuki Music InstituteSuzuki Music Association of Indonesia

Suzuki Music Association provides a gathering point for teachers, students and supporters of the Suzuki Method of learning classical music.

Lessons are offered in Suzuki violin, Suzuki Cello, and Suzuki Piano in several locations in Jakarta. For more information email: or visit their website. Facebook page


specialized couses  for expats

Other Courses for Expatriates

Yoga Classes in Jakarta and Bali at Yoga Studios

First Aid Courses for Expats - learn how to care for common household emergencies, CPR and more!

Social Dancing lessons with Shirley

See also the Sports Clubs page and the Sports Academies and Schools for organizations that offer sports-related courses.

get your masters degree while living in Indonesia

Online Degree Programs

Many expats, with time on their hands during their stay in Indonesia, choose to invest some of that free time in getting a degree. You can check with universities in your home country, or abroad, to look for online study opportunities that fit your career goals or interests.

In Indonesia, and internationally, there is a great need for public health degrees. For those that may be interested, they can seek an online degree and take classes from anywhere in the world. Use your time in Indonesia to further your career !

first aid classes for household staff

Courses for Household Staff

Child Care Provider First Aid Course- Tailored for Indonesian nannies and household staff who care for expat children. An introduction to the basics of first aid for children.

Last updated November 23, 2016

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Practical Information for foreigners, expats and expatriates moving to Indonesia - find out about housing, schooling, transport, shopping and more to prepare you for your stay in Indonesia

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