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The slightly cooler climes of Bandung (3-5° less than lower elevations) have been attracting expatriates for centuries. Bandung is the fourth largest city in the country with a populatio of approximately 1.7 million.

Expat Community in Bandung

Recent immigration figures showed just under 2,000 expatriates living in Bandung, mostly Koreans, British and Americans. The expat community lives throughout Bandung but 90% of them live in North Bandung where the air is fresher and the traffic more reasonnable. There is a teachers' community in Dago Atas, and expatriates with better incomes tend to live in Setra Sari, Setia Budhi, with a few in the Buat Batu and Kopo areas.

Links to community resources for expats living in Bandung:

Bandung Expat Directory and Guide to Bandung, published by the Friends of Bandung Independent School, is an absolute must-have resource for all expats moving to Bandung.

Women's International Club of Bandung

Church Services in Bandung

Bandung Hash House Harriers -

Rotary Club of Bandung Kota Kembang

Bharat Club - social club for Indians in Bandung for more information, please email the club

A few tips from local expat residensts:

  • Kota Kembang Taxi is not recommended. Blue Bird, Gemarih Pah, and Gemah Ripah are the best taxi companies in Bandung to utilize.
  • OBC Guest House is a nice place to stay for a month or more. It is about Rp 1,500,000 a month. It’s right behind UNPAR Economics Building.
  • If you like R&B, Klub Pesta and another at the top of the Lippo Tower are the best spots.
  • For the best massage in the world, go to the Hyatt Hotel in the fitness room
  • The owner of Toko Setiabudhi is a good contact for Taekwondo groups.
  • Most expats live in northern part of Bandung or in Lembang.
  • Many major fast food chains are present in shopping malls.


For shopping, Pasar Baru in Pasir Kaliki is recommended.There, you can bargain for clothes. Pasar Baru will be hectic after lunch time. Not only fabrics and clothing are avilalbe there, but also a food court, jewellry stores, and bag counters.Another shopping locale is Kings; it sells clothes, bags. For shopping malls, PVJ is nicer than Istana Plaza in Pasir Kaliki. PVJ is in Sukajadi, a little bit farther than Istana Plaza. There is a Carrefour, Gramedia bookstore, Sogo Department Store, Body Shop, Crocs Store, J.Co, Taiwanese Restaurant, Duta Suara Musik, Gelato, Auntie Anne's Pretzel, Lemonade Cafe at the back side, Blizt Theatre, and Papaya Mart (sells many imported product from Japan, Korea, European and American).

  • Good shopping at Carefour, Hero, Giant and Toko Setiabudi.
  • Clothing – Pleanty of shopping malls (Bandung Indah Plaza, Bandung Supermall, Instana Plaza) and Factory outlets
  • Hardware stores – ACE Hardware in Instana Plaza and Sunia Raya street.
  • Electronic stores specializing in cell phones, laptops, etc can be found in Bandung Electronic Centre in front of CCF. You can bargain on the cell phone prices.
  • For weekend banking transactions, can go to BCA in BTC-only for deposits and withdrawals. Open on Saturday and Sunday from 10am up to 2pm (CS-021.55.999.888).
  • For travel to Jakarta, you can use Cipaganti travel in BTC (to various Jakarta destinations - South, North, West, East, Bekasi, Depok, Soekarno-Hatta Int'l Airport (24h) for reservations call 022.612.6650. From Bandung to Jakarta or from Jakarta to Bandung,the cost is Rp 60.000-it will be different if you want to go to the Airport, they will pick you up from your house and the cost around Rp 120.000. The best seat for you to sit on is in the front, next to the driver.


Bandung Independent School
Jl. Surya Sumantri No. 61
Bandung, Jawa Barat 40164
Tel. (+62) 811-2142400
WhatsApp (+62) 878 2659-8216
Facebook YouTube Instagram

Bandung Independent School is a parent-run, non-profit school that has been providing progressive, international education since 1972. BIS serves students ages 2.5 through 18 and is the only school in Bandung to be accredited by CIS, NEASC, and the IB PYP and IB DP programs.

International-mindedness and a commitment to community service are at the core of our Vision and Mission, and BIS families and expatriate faculty represent 23 unique nationalities. We nurture the individual passions and talents of our students and work to personalize learning so that each child drives their own learning experience.

We warmly welcome you to visit our uniquely green campus in the heart of Bandung and meet our principled, open-minded, and caring students and faculty for yourself.

Restaurants in Bandung

– a variety of rich culinary experiences

Every weekend thousands of people from Jakarta travel to Bandung to visit the many factory outlets and dine out at hotels, resorts and open air restaurants. Hoping to escape the traffic jams of Jakarta, many are disappointed to find that Bandung suffers a similar fate at the weekend, with thousands of B plated cars clogging the roads. In this brief article we would like to share a few ideas on out of town eating places where the traffic is not quite as severe as down town Bandung.

Kampung Daun

One the best known is attractions in the surrounding hills around Bandung is this unique and remarkable place which offers a wide choice of food; perhaps best known for its Indonesian cuisine, it also offers western favourites such as steak, pizza and pasta. This traditional and cultural centre comprises dozens of suang (traditional huts) catering for small groups or larger gatherings. The whole complex sits amongst an array of native ferns and other exotic tropical plants, located in a small canon where the water races over red rocks – this native garden setting is a treat for your eyes. After dining, it is almost irresistible to lie down on the comfy cushions and listen to the cascading water or steady rain – look around; you will be one of many soaking up the tranquillity and dosing off – ahhh, just bliss! For directions it is best to look the location up on the net, or hire a local car and driver. Guaranteed not to disappoint. (BH)


If you are travelling through Lembang on way to the volcano or hot springs at Ciater, there is a Chinese restaurant located just up from the small fruit market on the left hand side of the road. Situated on a sharp right hand turn in the middle of town, the Mandarin is an unassuming small rumah makan, run by the same married couple for nearly 30 years and in all that time it has offered some the best food in the Bandung region. Its signature dish is kangkung cha, served in a sizzling plate with tender slices of steak and quail eggs, this is a regional delicacy that all the locals come to enjoy. Other favourites here include the crab and asparagus soup, fantastic frog’s legs, and all the seafood. The decor is plain, but the food; sensational. (BH)

Burgundy Restaurant

Not far from Lembang on the road to Marabaya, this is a complete contrast to the Mandarin. Located on ridge overlooking a beautiful green valley, it offers a wide range of cuisine in a delightful setting. One of the many food offerings here is the tempura – a tasty combination of prawns and local vegetables in a light batter, or you can choose from a variety of western dishes, washed down with a glass of fine wine, of which there is quite a good selection. The Burgundy Restaurant is a cool place, and l mean this in both terms – it is a great place to hang out and enjoy the view, but it can get cold, so bring a light jacket, particularly if dining in the evening. (BH)

Burgundy Restaurant

Congo Restaurant & Wood Gallery

This is a favourite day & night spot for visitors who want to enjoy the mountain air and indulge in a good variety of food. Like many other restaurants in the Dago area, its surrounds are tastefully done, including the old wood mill and gallery, which has on display some magnificent pieces of furniture highlighting beautiful wood grains and colours. As with the Burgundy restaurant mentioned above, evening dinner guests at Congo can enjoy live entertainment, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. (BH)

Mountain View Golf Club

as mentioned earlier Dago has many wonderful restaurants and coffee houses, but not many offer better food than the Mountain View Golf Club. Visitors are very welcome and food has greatly improved since the introduction of a new Italian chef. Whether you drop in for lunch or a simple drink, the view from the open balcony is breathtaking. (BH)

Cafe OZ

Certainly worth a visit if you want a good restaurant with an Australian flavour. As you would expect it has premium roasted coffee, wonderful meat pies, gourmet pizzas, burgers, steaks and other western food, but also offers Asian favourites. Complete with a big screen in the front deck area and a playground out the back, Café Oz is a really good place to take the family. Cafe OZ offers something a little bit different and is off the main drag at Jl. Bungur No. 23. (BH)

Cafe OZ

Bamboo Shack

Located near the Dago mini-bus terminal, it is worth a visit if new to Bandung. Apart from a great selection of food in the mini-market, plus eat in or takeaway (suggest you try the Jerry Burger), upstairs is an internet cafe and lounge with tourism information which can assist in providing valuable details and directions to many of the fine attractions around Bandung. Now a regular meeting place for expats, the Bamboo Shack is also the meeting point each Saturday afternoon at 3pm for those wanting to join the Hash House Harriers run/walk. (BH)

Bamboo Shack

Sapulidi Resort and Dining

Sapulidi is just a little way out of town. Using Jalan Setiabudi in the direction of Lembang, turn left at the Ledeng Bus Station. About 3- 4 kms along this road there is a turn right to Sapulidi. Plenty of photo ops here as the eating area is vast and contains traditional “Sundanese style” huts. Little lakes with wooden boats and fish. You can even eat on board a raft. My suggestion is to try the hot ginger and palm sugar drink “Bandrek” - .a most refreshing “cure-all” brew.  If you’re not sure of what to order, the English-speaking manager will surely assist and guide you. Prices are reasonable. There’s a souvenir shop with low priced gifts and postcards, and as Sapulidi is a resort, you canalso stay there for a night or more.

Sapulidi Resort and Dining Bandung

Bandung Mall Eateries

For good coffee you can try Excelso which is at the Bandung Istana Plaza and the Bandung Super Mall. Excelso has light meals too. And for tasty and fast Chinese style dishes there’s The Rice Bowl which is at the Bandung Istana Plaza, the Bandung Super Mall and the Bandung Indah Plaza. The Bandung Paris Van Java Mall requires a lot of footwork. It is vast, and there are some nice eateries there. If you’re a Netherlander, try the H E M A restaurant - lots of Belanda/Dutch memories and an enjoyable little spot of Europe in the tropics with low prices!

Check out also the traditional Sundanese restaurants can be found around Kings, Kota Kembangand in Pasar Baru.

Hotel Dining

The Luxton Hotel is located within walking distance of the Bandung Indah Plaza, the Luxton has an Exquisite Lunchtime Buffet Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday from 1200 until 1500 (3 pm). Drinking water and fruit juices are included, there’s traditional, western, and Pasta dishes and some mouth watering sweets. If you require Tea or Coffee this is extra. The price USD 7.50 USD (equivalent) per person (7/2011). On weekends there’s a late night supper for just over 3 dollars per person (equivalent) The Luxton is a non-smoking hotel but there is a special room for those who enjoy the habit. This is a video of the lunchtime buffet at the Luxton Bandung

The Bandung Hyatt - The main dining room of the Bandung Hyatt serves up a western style buffet every Wednesday and Thursday evening starting from 6 pm. Drinking water is included and the staff speak English and are very courteous. Now here’s THE tip, if you live within Indonesia you can obtain a “Club at the Hyatt” card at the Bandung Hyatt PR office. Miss Tasha will help you here. The cost of the card is around 140 dollars per year. For this you will have amazing discounts as well as a free dinner, entrance to the Hyatt swimming pool, low room rates, and when dining at the Hyatt for two people the cost using the card is half price, for three people there is a reduction per person of 33 and 1/3 percent. So you can pop into the Bandung Hyatt any time of day or night, order a meal A La Carte and for two people it is half price. There’s about a ten percent discount on the drinks. The “Club at the Hyatt” card can be used in Hyatt Hotels in much of SE Asia including Australia. The Hyatt Bandung has a list of applicable Hotels and the discounts. Applies also to parts of the Grand Hyatt Jakarta. In Bandung the Hyatt has a coffee and cake shop and even a traditional style eatery. We sometimes pop in for a breakfast at the Bandung Hyatt.

The Bandung Hilton - As far as food is concerned the Bandung Hilton is the ultimate of hotel buffets perhaps in all of Indonesia! Each and every night from 6 pm there is a huge spread. Drinking water is included, but for other drinks there is a charge. There are different themes each week night - eat as much as you can and the charge per person is all of USD 17 (equivalent). The building itself is unique, a pleasure for the eyes! There’s an Italian styled restaurant at the Bandung Hilton which is A La Carte and reasonably priced.

One more very nice Hotel Eatery that should not be overlooked, if you’d like a beautiful tropical jungle setting and sometimes live music, try the Padma Bandung. Great food and friendly English speaking staff and the décor is unique.

Thanks to Stephan J Fleay and Bob Holland for sharing info on their favorite Bandung restaurants!


City public transportation is easy to get around with.The Angkot public transport costs are very reasonable. If you prefer to travel by taxi, just use Blue Bird by phone (022-756-1234). It will come to your place 5 minutes before your time, but expect delays during rush hour.

Foreign Consulates

Honorary Consulate of Austria
Honorary Consul, Eduard Eddy Sugiri
JL. Padasaluyu Utara II/ 3
Bandung, West Java 40154
Tel. (+62 / 22) 201-1632, 201-1633
After hours (+62 / 22) 201-0354
Fax (+62 / 22) 201-4407
Hours Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

Honorary Consualte of France in Bandung
Centre Culturel Français
Jalan Purnawarman No. 32
Bandung 40117
Phone (022) 421 2417
Fax (022) 420 7877

The French Consulate has a small cafe, a library with books, CDs and DVDs and courses to learn French.

Honorary Consulate of the Republic Hungary
Honorary Consul : Eduard Eddy Sugiri
JL. Padasaluyu Utara II/ 3
Bandung, West Java 40154
Tel. (+62 / 22) 201-1632, 201-1633
After hours (+62 / 22)201-0354
Fax (+62 / 22) 201-4407
Hours Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

Things to See

  • Tangkuban Perahu Volcano crater (road is in bad condition, best to have 4WD
  • Nearby hot springs area, Ciater. Sari Ater Hot Springs Resort offers paid access to public or private bathing pools.
  • Tea Plantations
  • Strawberry plantation in Lembang
  • Curug Dago waterfall
  • Curug Cibareubeuy Waterfall and Pasar Mingon
  • Saung Angklung Udjo - angklung (traditional West Javanese bamboo instrument) performances are held in the afternoons.

Great article on travel to Bandung - At the Crater's Edge

If you live in Bandung and would like to assist us to provide more information to newcomers to Bandung ... please contact us.

Our thanks to Bob Holland, Stephen Fleay, Nissi Roring, and other great community members for sharing the information above!

Partially updated - July 16, 2017

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